Friday, April 3, 2009

Mom, What's Irony?

Gigio asked me one day.
-Well, irony is ... hmmm.... how could I define it, it's when something is... gee, this is kind of hard to put into words. It 's like when something is in direct opposition to what you would expect and usually this is annoying, but sort of funny. Which doesn't really explain it at all.
-(Gigio is still looking at me expectantly, hoping for a better explanation, something he can use to understand this word he just unearthed.)
-How about if I give you an example of irony? That would be easier:
Your sister wasted my money on a nice new suit and went and got third place in the state FCCLA competition for doing the best at applying and interviewing for a job in the preschool field. Everyone thought she was awesome. Great look, great presentation, great at answering questions, great portfolio. She has a beautiful bronze medal to show for it. But, she has been unemployed for about 7 months now and has maybe looked for 10 jobs in that time, optimistically, and has never worn the suit to a real interview yet and has no job to show for it yet. That is ironic.
-A light bulb appears above Gigio's head and he laughs as he goes off to tell his brother and friend, "Guys, irony is like this....."

Gotta make the most of those teaching moments.
And after much nagging, (and refusing to pay more cell phone bills), Enigma just may be wearing that suit to a real interview soon. Cross your fingers!


Emee said...

I didn't know that! Funny!

Honey Mommy said...

I would have a hard time explaining irony too! Your example was perfect.

Burgh Baby said...

Fingers are definitely crossed!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

That is a pretty funny story..... I'm not sure I could have explained that one so well! Hope that she get a job!

caramama said...

That's a great example! Too funny. I hope she finds something soon.