Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Things Turn 7

Last Friday we had a party for the Things. It was a lot of fun, but it took me forever to come up with what I wanted to do for the party. There are really no ideas for a Transformers vs. Bionicles party on Can you imagine that? It took a long while to get the creative juices in gear and have a plan. Then I had to get the supplies and get everything ready at the last minute. There are Transformers favors and such, but since the Bionicles movie is not close to release yet, there was NOTHING on that front. It was a stressful 5 days or so. I vowed not to do any parties after this year several times. I threatened to cancel it anytime I didn't get due submission from the natives. I had to give up on my cool idea to make Bionicle swords for everyone because there is no instrument known to man or at least to my house that will cut foam board with any precision. It would have been so cool. It's just as well because making 20 of them would have meant NO sleep the night before. Enigma made the invites, thus locking in my commitment, and she spray painted 2 square boxes to make 2 Allspark pinatas- one for each boy. My mom thought good thoughts for me the day before the party, because I didn't even have things ready enough to get her to help with anything before her bedtime that day, I think. It's a good thing she thought good thoughts because as it was, everyone was a wreck. I went straight from a cousin's funeral to pick up the boys from school and within the hour they'd all had a complete meltdown. One was an emotional wreck all day, finishing off the evening by threatening another brother with a scout pocketknife, then curling up in a ball in an empty dresser. (He's not supposed to have the pocketknife at all, by the way. Anyone need a pocket knife? And yes, I'm concerned about this behavior.)

The day of the party dawned with everyone in a better mood and me almost ready for the party. Then as I got ready after working all morning, Papi shows up with new sofas. Luckily I was there to approve or disapprove because the last time he suddenly brought in used sofas, he almost got kicked out of the house over it. This time he was careful and asked first before unloading them and carting away my old sofas. He made a trade for them with an apartment complex who needed some work done. They are converting from Singles/furnished to Married/unfurnished. They are nice sofas, and now we have 4 matching sofas, 2 upstairs, 2 downstairs.
Wanna see them? This is upstairs This is downstairs:
Umm, not sure why the colors don't look the same, they are more like a sage green in person.
The old sofas were total ghetto sofas, i.e. no leg on one side, frame coming loose and cracking, snagged dirty upholstery, and futon sofa with slashed futon and springs sticking out all over. They got dumped in the front yard, the cushions lying all over exposing just how dirty it was under them. Meanwhile the new, very nice and clean sofas were put in place, just in time for a bunch of party goers to smear gunk all over them. Other than the sofas all over my front yard, (Why yes, I have dirty rotten sofas as yard ornaments all the time, for all you who have never been to my house, especially a co-worker to see, come on in and make yourselves comfortable!) by the time the party started, I was ready. Good thing, counting siblings and birthday boys there were 19 kids in attendance. Enigma was busy getting ready for her performance but Gigio was a great assistant and my sister arrived with the cousins and stayed to help too, thank goodness. We had Papi man the pinatas and since he was doing a bunch of things at once, that was his contribution.

We had them put together a little transformer figure and make transformer hats, then we did a treasure hunt to look for the Allspark and did a Transformers vs. Bionicles bingo and did a carnival type knock over the bionicles game. Then we let them hit balloons into the air with those foam things you get for pools and did the pinatas, then had hotdogs, pizza dip with pita chips, and had cake and ice cream. Then everyone played and opened presents. It was an extremely loud and wild party but everyone was good and everyone seemed to have a blast! Seeing as how Thing 2 didn't want to invite anyone before hand but his little girlfriends because everyone else in the universe had all done something before like push someone once, I'd say it was a success. I had to promise to put anyone who needed controlling in time out but no one had to go :). And, no one slimed the sofas! Can you believe that? Here's an album of our festivities.

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4boyzmdmom said...

Sounds like you pulled off a great party! I am glad you got some new sofas (even if the timing wasn't the best)! This post made me realize that I am out of touch with the Bionicle world--the older boys have mostly grown out of Bionicles and Seth hasn't grown into them yet. I mean, who's Allspark?!

Shellie said...

The Allspark is a Transformers thing- the Allspark is what gives the Transformers life and power. If Megatron finds it first, he will take over the Universe and abuse the power, if the Autobots get it, and keep it safe, the universe is saved. Or something like that.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

happy birthday to your Things! Looks like you pulled it off and all your hard work was a hit!

Alex the Girl said...

You got it all right. The allspark is the power behind the power so to speak (geek speak even). I like the ghetto couch with the rainbow colored floor!

Mary Ellen said...

It sounds like you put together an amazing party. All the other parents probably resent the hell out of you now. Savor it.

Love the pictures - it looks like they got quite the stack of presents. Happy 7th birthday!

Wayne said...

Sounded like quite a lot of preperation for a great party.

great photo friday

caramama said...

Sounds like a great party! Way to pull it off.

And I love the new sofas. Very nice.

Jac said...

No Bionicle VS Transformer ideas?? FOR SHAME!!!

It sounds like you pulled of a spectacular party though! (I'm impressed... I absolutely dread having to do that someday. I'm the least creative person in the world.)

Casey's trio said...

Looks like the boys had a blast at their party!

lisaschaos said...

I'm stuck on the sofas! What a great thing! We just bought - for the first time ever - new sofa and loveseat - they are the exact same as yours except a kind of camel color, other than that the pillows have that same fabric etc. :) Love them!

RAQ said...

The boys had fun! I am jealous you and Annette got new couches! But I am happy for you that they are so nice!

Joanna said...

Oh no! There is going to be a Bionicle movie?? Sigh Did you know there is going to be another Transformer movie? Comes out this summer - I think. We saw a preview for it when we took the boys to see the new X-Men movie.

Thanks for the encouraging word. I've been a bad blogging friend. Haven't had much time to blog hop. Bad me! :)