Friday, June 26, 2009

Some Random Madness

Maybe I should ask the blogosphere to pray for us every week- Sunday went way better than usual.
Enigma is in mourning over Michael Jackson's passing. She had a huge crush on him when she was like 3 years old. I mean like she totally adored him. I miss the little boy Michael. His life was so sad to me, just so sad. Did you see Lisa Marie's post? I love his music. It's in the air. He fixed my birthday present for Enigma. She got online and found a 5 cd compilation of his best hits for $37 just hours after we heard the news, and begged me for it for her birthday. I told her to go ahead and order it right away because the price was going up for sure. She did and I didn't even have to think or shop or give her time to think of more expensive things she wanted or anything, all done! She checked today and the price did go up to 50 something already. So, I owe him. He sort of took the thunder out of Farrah's passing didn't he? And did you even notice Ed Mc Mahon died? I'm starting to feel a little bit old what with all these people dying and my kids had no idea who they were. And wasn't it just within the last week that John and Kate announced their separation and the governor of SC announced he had an affair? What a bizarro week. Sort of makes all the Americans forget about those poor Iranians. They really should have been the top story. I wish them luck.
It's been a quiet summer- only 2 trips to the ER so far! Carino twisted his leg and it was looking like a bad injury. By the time we finished waiting to be seen, he practically leaped into the exam room. No bad injury there! The second was a dislocated finger. Gigio being the injured party. Don't put your other hand under your baseball glove...
Quotable quotes:
"Did you know that dust mites eat your skin? Yes, and they will get in your bed and things to eat it. And did you also know that they eat dust bunnies? THEY DO!" -The THINGS

"Whenever my hair gets messed up, I just consider it a new hairdo"-Gigio

Thing 1, lying next to mom, looking up her nose at the hairs in there says, "If a spider looked up there, he'd think it was a web!"

During a hailstorm, the Things chant, "It's raining ice cubes!"

Thing 1, looking at a picture of a T Rex with bared teeth, "That's why God made him un-stinked!" I'm a little slow, "The TRex didn't stink? How do you know this?" "No, He made him un-stinked so he wouldn't eat people!" (Oh! That would be extinct. Gotcha!)

We are discussing why we go to a Spanish congregation at church now. I tell the boys I can give them 5 good reasons just off the top of my head.

1- You need to communicate better with your papi.
2-You need to understand your heritage better.
3- If you ever need to learn another language, it will help you learn easier.
4- When you go to look for jobs, if you are as good as the other people applying, but you know Spanish and they don't, YOU will get the job.
5-You can talk to way more people if you know Spanish too.
there, that's 5 reasons without even having to think about it- I commented.
But Gigio without missing a beat said,
"Name 5 more things!" Some people are never satisfied.
Papi got a promotion. Now he's in a better position, in the same area where he moved to when he went to the day job. He will have more free time in the summers and more overtime in the school year. I do manage to cook for him 4 nights out of 7 usually, but it's often late. Poor guy, my brain is too full of cotton and I've slipped into one of the worst time warps of my life, so I feel like all I do is waste time. I make up for it by making ice cream and beef jerky. He loves it, and just turns out his new boss loves it too, so now we are on his good side :).
Papi finished the kitchen floor!!!! Yeeeeaaaahhh!!! Now we are dealing with paint decisions. He wanted peach. I did my best guess at shades of peach that would work in both the living room and kitchen. I even took pictures of the rooms to see the furniture with the wall being the samples. It just looks different in bigness surrounding you. We are not using these colors. Those two swatches of color are the same color. That is how your environment affects how you look, if you're a color, that is. We're trying a tanner shade of peach rather than a redder one. It's called honey bee. It's on 3/4 of the above wall here and the middle half of the one to it's side. It looks really weird right now. It looks brown next to the ice cream peach color. It looks light peach where its' not! I hope it gets done this summer!
Once the paint is done, Papi has to do runners around the bottom of the walls where they meet the floors. Then if he will magically redo the downstairs bathroom, and put in some new doors, I will have to release him from bondage. And start making better dinners. On time. It IS easier with a finished kitchen...
Enigma is babysitting the boys and another 1 year old boy for her summer job. The new boy is cute. Too cute. Very distracting. I set up a new rule. Before you play the Wii, you have to practice the piano. Before you watch TV, you have to read or do math. Before you play on the computer, you have to use one of our educational CD Roms. You can't go over an hour on any one screen. If you don't follow the rules, I unplug things. It's going better than I thought it would-now that I also blocked Cartoon Network. It felt so good to do that, very liberating. Now the twins are always wanting to watch Phineas and Ferb on Disney. They could sort of be Phineas and Ferb. New nicknames. I don't know if I mentioned the other names, Bob and Marley. Enigma started calling them that after we saw the movie Marley and Me. Is it unusual for a dog to remind you of your own children?
Anyhow, we are also hoping to do our science fair projects over the summer so next school year will be more relaxing. If I could just remember to get a few items, we could get started. If I would just realize the library books are overdue and get them back, I might have money to pick up a few items.
It has rained so much, we haven't gotten our pool up or our early summer planting done. The stuff I planted in spring is growing like never before however. It appears we are going back to the Utah spring all summer thing. There are new plants we haven't seen in years. I'd really like more sun, but so far, when the sun comes out, it's hazy. The other day I drove up Heber canyon to work. It was so green. There were like 10 shades of green everywhere. It was gorgeous. There were low lying clouds and mistiness but sun peeking through. There were wildflowers in 5 vibrant shades and the sky was reflecting off the clear creek waters. It was gorgeous. It reminded me of Chile in the spring. I kicked myself all the way there and back because I didn't bring a camera to get shots of it. Then when I got home, I remembered I had a new cell phone with me that came with our new family plan and it has a camera. sigh. Sometimes it's hard being me.
Surprise: Thing 2 is turning into a sensitive child. He just might develop a conscience after all. He has started showing great empathy for people, real or on shows when something really sad happens. He cries in movies now, it's so cute! Of course, he cries when he remembers he no longer has Cartoon Network or Boomerang, too.
The next fun thing he did to surprise me has to do with our new rules. In order to go on the Bionicles site, he first has to do a music program called Music Ace. It gives you lessons and then you do exercises to see if you got it. They start out with a lot of pitch exercises. He was all over it, without any coaching from me. They play a pitch then play two other pitches on the staff and you have to pick out which one it matches. He barely let it play and he'd click on the right one immediately every time.
Mental Health Update: I'm losing my mind. But you already knew that. It' s just more lost than before.
For some reason none of my kids are sleeping normally this summer. One always falls off the bed, another occasionally stays up all night and others woke up at 4:30 am and started their day cause they couldn't go back to sleep. Other times they would sleep all day if you let them. Of course my stellar sense of time has helped me do my part of getting them to bed on time. I just cant' stand waking them if I don't have to. Know that saying "let old sleeping dogs lie?" I believe it.
If that weren't enough, somebody is trying out symptoms of different mental illnesses just to see which one is funnest. So far we've dabbled with some symptoms from Bipolar Disorder, Paranoia, Conduct Disorder and Trichomania. Luckily, he seems to be settling in on the latter, he has taken up an obsession with plucking hairs- his leg hairs, Papi's facial hair when he's sleeping, etc. It's been going on for months and was so annoying till I realized I could train him to do all my tweezing for me, so when I go blind I won't end up with a chin like Shaggy on Scooby Doo. I'm happy to report that a sibling's kleptomania episodes have subsided and seem to be over. Knock on wood. They are currently working hard on their best case of sibling rivalry ever. So I"m doing a little investigating. I think I will post a little on that later, because I would like my very own siblings' feedback on the subject.
Transformers: More than my eyes wanted to meet. We went to see this as soon as it came out- the whole family. I sat between the twins. I had the best seat. It was fun to watch it with them. They were both very enthusiastic and kept yelling out stuff and explaining things loudly. I'd have to remind them to lower their voices. We had to take 3 trips to the bathroom. I would like to edit the movie a bit myself, but it was fun.
Oh, and I got my hair cut, it was way too long and stringy! Whew!

That's it for now I think.


Elizabeth said...

WOW! What a post!
I agree with "sleeping children" shall not be awakened...
I would never remember a camera phone either...
Great ideas on the "summer rules"...glad to see they seem to be working!

4boyzmdmom said...

Nice to hear from you again...I've felt out of touch! Lots going on...

Burgh Baby said...

I love that you consider summer a success because you've only had two ER trips so far. That's so perfectly you!

Look at all that paint! Y'all are kicking some butt getting a few things done.