Friday, September 25, 2009

Random Update-Hopelessly Late

At least I don't have to worry about hopelessly late meaning a baby's on the way anymore. :) It seems like ever since I got my big fat calling life has been super busy. I immediately started getting thrown into these situations which taught me that my life is so simple compared to other people's. Along the way we took in 2 dogs and one person. I also did a lot of pro bono work for another person in a mess. Everyone is off on their own now. Those dogs barked, chewed up everything, broke through the fence, somehow got the lock off the gate, played escape artist and got out of their harnesses and pulled up their stakes and somehow found themselves tied up in new random places in the back yard, got into a neighbor's and all but killed their chicken, and on and on. I don't guess we'll be getting a dog anytime soon, and Enigma is cured of that dog fever too.

Meanwhile, I got a cold with a weird cough and then a sinus infection and then after that the cough came back and then on top of that, I got seasonal allergies, plus I kept having these episodes where my throat got so tight I couldn't breathe well and the Dr. sent me to the ER one Saturday night to make sure it wasn't because my lungs were filling up with liquids because a heart valve was failing or anything spooky like that. After doing that fun evening with Papi, I told him next Saturday we would have to go out to someplace less expensive and more entertaining. Of course there is no real explanation for what is going on, so they just prescribed $50 medicine to see if it helps. I haven't had any bad episodes, but I still have the cough and some tightness off and on. Also, I had a very intense pain in my neck and lower back that had me all stiff and uncomfortable, so I have been seeing a chiropractor for that. I've also had acupuncture! It's amazing. I love it.

So, next Papi decided to take me on a lunch date to the ER, he started having numbness, tingling, weakness and heaviness in his left arm. Finally after a few weeks it got so bad he decided to call the doctor while he was at work and make an appointment. The doctor sent him to the ER. After an EKG, blood tests and Cat scan they decided he didn't have any heart problems or stroke so they ordered an MRI to see if there is any kind of nerve problem. More bills, but at least nothing bad is happening.

It seems like we have had a flurry of activities. We did a BBQ or Asado as we know it with friends over Labor Day, had a few get togethers with family and friends. We had our Independence Day party with the Chileans. Wewent to a campout with our old ward and got a little lost on the way. Nice scenery. I attended a BYU football game with Papi, and they totally played like kindergarteners and lost, so I'm now back to being banished from games. I'm not really sorry. It was fun to go do that with him, but after not going to games for so long, it seemed like a stadium full of total nut cases. First on the way in there are people making hand gestures in order to pretend they are not looking for tickets and it makes them look like a bunch of people on the spectrum stimming. Then you see the cheerleaders and the pom poms which just seem silly, and the people freaking out over every play like it's a matter of life and death, it's kinda hilarious really. Then there's all those cute boys on the field almost killing themselves every few minutes, thus possibly eliminating my future son in law before his time...BUT after a while the whole thing kind of grows on you.

Before that date, I took the kids to a pic-nic for kids with craniofacial problems and we met a girl who has had the first stages of a rib graft ear reconstruction! That was really exciting for us because we got to see what it's like up close and personal. I really wanted Carino to see what it's like, especially before it's done. We had a lot to share with each other there and will keep in touch.

Work has been dead, as in not enough work. The economy has hit my profession. I'm looking into going back to school and branching out into other related professions. Meanwhile, Papi is slowly starting an import/export business. Anyone who has good info on that, we would surely appreciate it.

The kids are doing pretty good in school this year, and we love all our teachers. Sometimes it is hard keeping up with it all and getting things handed in, etc. My curly headed boy has started pulling his hair on his head out, and has kept scabs going so long on his chest that we decided to get him some treatment for that. Hopefully this will help. The older boys are starting to really get along better most of the time, but now the younger set are into their standoff phase. Hooray! So much fun.

Enigma is in beauty school now and loves it. Sometimes it is frustrating, but she is doing good and very enthusiastic so far. After 6 weeks core she starts going Tuesday through Saturday and will start working the salon there. She's also going to do a makeup training because that's what she's most interested in anyways.

Papi went out and got a new TV. Our old one was cracked and so we couldn't see the corner where the channel comes up, and it only took analog signals so he couldn't hook up the computer to watch soccer games. Now the new and improved much larger one is in our living room. Now all I want is to finish fixing up the living room so it doesn't look half done. That's what I asked for as a birthday present. For the last 2 years... but instead I got a party with empanadas- ham and cheese or shrimp, bbq meat, rice, tomato salad and a torta de hojas cake- so awesome!

Church is going fine, I've managed to intercept nerf guns sneaking in, but one of my offspring managed to sneak in those popper firecrackers. He put them under people's tires and "dropped" some on the sidewalk as people were leaving. I loved conference. Church in PJ's and excellent messages. The calling is going fine. My head feels like it is going to explode I have so much to do and I'm trying to figure out how and when to do everything. Not my forte. It's been lots of fun getting to know people better. Once we get all our helpers called and trained and get Visiting Teaching info out, things should slow a teeny bit. I'm working on a lesson with a program for the women this month too, and luckily my theme seemed to be a conference theme so now I have tons of backup material. Sweet! Right away after I started this job, our ward was in charge of a Stake activity where we fed everyone tamales and such, and then had a latin folklore program. It was awesome! The mosquitoes were too. Tea tree oil really works, people! Try it. Repels the bugs and heals the bites.

One of the Things did an interesting thing to his forehead.
With this:

What will they think up next? I will tell you next time...this almost sort of brings us up to date. More to come.


Patty O. said...

Yikes, how in the world do you keep up with it all? Just reading your post made me feel really tired and worn out, not to mention overwhelmed. Wow, you sure know how to handle a lot of balls in the air, which I guess will come in handy as RS pres.

4boyzmdmom said...

Good luck, Shellie! I am finally fully staffed after being Primary president for 10 weeks. I don't expect it will last very long!

Suburban Correspondent said...

Wow. And thanks for reminding me that I don't want a dog. I was starting to get suckered in by some cute puppies.