Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Val

I was so excited to see Spanish conversation hearts in the store this year. Imagine how disappointing it was when I got home and opened the bag. Apparently the only way to get these workers in New York to do the Spanish hearts was to offer them a bottle of tequila for the extra effort. Unfortunately, tequila and candy making don't mix.
It gets worse, apparently it's hard to aim when under the influence. It would make sense, if you can't keep a car on the road , how can you be expected to line up some teeny words on a little heart?:
FYI- LLame me means call me, but LAME ME?...means lick me. Another little Spanish lesson: Amiga means friend, but MIGA means crumb.
This one we can at least use in a spelling lesson- words ending in -ota
Did they mean to say "mi bota?" My boot? Or "Mi idiota"- my idiot?

It would seem the last batch was the orange ones, they had almost passed out by then:
All this wouldn't be so bad if these were just strays in the bag, but the whole freaking entire bag was made up of hearts like this. Whatever happened to quality control? Oh, I forgot, they were all passed out by the time it came to that. The most disappointing thing of all was there were no pink or white minty hearts AT ALL! Sigh!
Then if that weren't enough, one of the Things freaked out when he found out he was going to have to give away his valentines. Imagine that, give them away! He's been doing that for the last oh, 3-4 years but this year it was a total surprise to him. Of course so was the note I found in Carino's backpack at 9:30 the night before asking for us to donate something to his party. And even though they supposedly got the valentines all ready on Monday, come Thursday night bedtime, none of them had been addressed. And Gigio informed me that since now they don't do Valentines at his age in school, he really should get a bag of Valentine candy from his mom to make up for it. Someone just might have heard me yell something like "Bah humbug, I quit Valentines Day." Of course I forgot about that by the time I made it to the Valentines dance with my sweetheart some 20 hours later. Maybe it should be a parent's only day? Anyhow, next year, I think I'm sticking to English hearts.


Karlene said...

That is just disgraceful! I'd write a letter and complain. Demand your money back.

4boyzmdmom said...

So sad about the Spanish hearts! We avoided all the school Valentine's stuff this year--school was cancelled because of snow! (There are some perks to being stuck at home with your kids for nearly 2 solid weeks!)

Jam said...

I bought some of those hearts, too. I'm guessing the entire plant was messed up. Those that I got were illiterate as well. Disappointing!!!! I didn't care much for the flavors either.

RAQ said...

maybe it's suppose to be hormiga? JK Bummer!

I decided a couple of years ago to just print Happy Valentines Day from kid on cheap white paper and tape a candy to it since that's all the kids care about anyway! It's such a chore for some of my kids to write on every single one! It also makes passing them out way easier!

Jeanette said...

Can I quit Valentine's day too? I hate all of the crazy hoopla! Sorry about your hearts, but they did make for a nice Spanish lesson.

The Cranes said...

Sorry--I had to laugh at your ideas about what might have caused the cany heart problems. But sad for you that they turned out to be a bust! And funny that one of the Things didn't realize he had to give his Valentine's away when he has done it for years in the past. I hate those late-night backpack discoveries. And Carino sounds like some of my kids who feel entitled to certain amounts of treats for holidays no matter what. Glad you enjoyed the Valentine's dance, though!