Sunday, February 28, 2010


This is the frustration you feel when there's nothing you can do. Nothing but pray and wait. Most family is accounted for, in the Valparaiso area it was 7.7 on the Richter. They're all, including his uncle who was visiting for the Music Festival in Vina, piled up in the safest house, an aunt's where they have electricity and water now and they are all on one floor instead of on the 26th floor. When Enigma heard that, she voiced the same thing I thought. If the earthquake didn't kill them, they might kill each other if they stay together like that for too long. We haven't heard from Papi's biological family but they probably won't have access to a computer or anything for a while. But, we have many friends in the Concepcion area, some of the hardest hit towns. We can only wait and see how they fared. It's really hard to get through right now on the phone, circuits are busy a lot. We have night owl friends who called and woke me up on the one night I finally got to bed before midnight. One thirty a.m. We have the national Chilean station so we watched. The first daylight images coming out of there were pretty similar to what I saw when I was in a 7.7 quake there, but the area with that kind of damage was more extensive. But as more images come out, it just gets worse and worse. And it did get worse and worse as tidal waves hit many places. It's just sickening to watch the death toll climb and the people starting to get more desperate as they go longer without water, food, etc. And all we can do is hope the assistance they need gets to them soon. We were watching one segment-this reporter is too over the top, but wow. Enigma was saying how much the people looked like her dad-yup, they're not related directly, I told her but these are your people! If there were just a way to go pick up the rubble and help the little girl who was injured some but her house was ruined, and all she wants is for someone to come help dig out her toys. Or help the young man who hasn't seen his mom, she was at home at the time, he was not, and the home is gone...They have awesome teams there helping to dig out people and reestablish services, but it will take a very long time for some areas to be anywhere near back to normal. Here's the clip I was talking about-this is where tidal waves followed the earthquake and there is one spot where you see a ferris wheel, still standing-350 meters from where it was before, practically on the highway. Crazy! Big hugs, lots of prayers and money heading your way Chilenos! We love you!


The Cranes said...

So sorry--that looks so terrible! I wish I understood Spanish better so I could tell more of what was being said in the video clip. As sad as it is, I have to say that the dramatic movie-like background music is a little strange.

Amber said...

How scary. I am praying for you and your family.