Thursday, April 22, 2010


Commercial break before announcing our big news: This book by Margaret Peterson Haddix is a real FIND. The first book my Carino has ever picked up and read on his own because he wanted to, because he was hooked. He was reading it on the way to school and took it with him for reading time. If you have a child you have struggled with to get to read and understand, you must know how absolutely THRILLING this is! Plus, it is helping us have some great discussions about adoption, just when he was needing it. Thank the Lord, AND Margaret!


Jeri said...

OH come on - no commercials... I want to know what's going on!!!!

The Cranes said...

Oh--Maddie loves those books, too! She is waiting impatiently for the third one to come out. But she loves a lot of books, thankfully, so no big deal. Glad you have found something Carino likes so much! He and Maddie will have to talk about it the next time we meet.