Thursday, April 22, 2010

The New Twins

My daughter Enigma has adopted twins. Here they are:

and Buckley

Twin pygmy goats. Aren't they cute? She's getting them settled in now and bathing Buckley
And exploring with Carino- sorry it's fuzzy.
Just like me, she still didn't get a girl. She was going to, but someone else got it. So we got twin brothers. Buckley is definitely the more high strung of the two.
So, what brought this on? Well there was a classmate who's boyfriend gave her goats but now that she is graduating and moving to Texas, the goats had to stay behind. Her parents didn't want them, and I guess it wasn't worth paying to fly them home anyways. So, Enigma fell in love with them and decided she just HAD to have them. I tried to reason with her, and got tired of it and said it wasn't me she needed to convince, it was her dad. He wanted nothing to do with it. Afterward, we had a big discussion in which we both agreed on the 401 reasons why having goats right now was not a good idea. Maybe someday when we have an empty nest and retire. As for Enigma, her life needs to settle down first too. The next thing I knew, her dad was telling her if she could get them for cheaper, she could have them. What?! This is the man I married. He is crazy. But, since he buys into all my crazy schemes like adopting babies, I just go with it. Life is an adventure with him. A freaking roller coaster. Well, since the classmate was going back today and was desperate, she got them 2 for the price of one. Unlike my twins which were buy one get one half off on the OB bill, but the nursery didn't even make any deals like that. Now we quick like need to get their "house" in order and the yard cleaned up for them, and the GARDEN fenced off. I told Papi that soon he will understand why we call children kids. Let me tell you, they are as hard to photograph! But, they are charming. Never a dull moment.


Jeri said...

you got me! I wasn't sure weather I was ready to congratulate you are tell you that you were nuts - or both! Good luck with your new "kids"... they are cute!

Jeri said...

whether - NOT weather

debi9kids said...

OMGOSH! They are so cute!

Darla said...

Darling! That's what pygmies look like. My sister was going to get some years ago but never did.

GoddessinTraining said...

Oh, my goodness... Poor goats! LOL, just what your kids need! Sounds like life as usual in the Esp. household! We now have 8 cats, 2 chickens and 2 rabbits! Anything that doesn't make too much noise, I say, after getting rid of several roosters! Good to see you! Are you on facebook? I've started getting organized and "following" blogs, so maybe I can keep in better touch!