Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bionicles vs. Bakugan

That was the theme the Things picked. A few weeks ago we had a birthday party for the things. We sent out invitations. Then realized we might need to get ready! 5 day whirlwind. The whole time it was raining and snowing, forecasted to last a week more and all we had planned were pinatas. If everyone invited came, there would be 40 kids! Inside! In my messy uninhabitable house! And my husband had to work from sunrise to sunset that whole weekend! I was freaking out. Me, no adults, 40 kids, hazardous house. Snow and rain. Nice, just nice. A very wonderful friend I owe forever helped box up a bunch of stuff downstairs and clean my kitchen so there would be no hazards. Luckily, by halfway through the party, the skies were clear and we did the pinatas and played outside! We also had some balloon brawls and a scavenger hunt to find missing Bionicle pieces and Bakugan. The boys wanted a cake with ice cream sandwiches on it. I covered the sides in chocolate whipped cream because one wanted chocolate frosting. It was runny. Not an elegant cake, but it was so yummy Carino asked for one just like it for his birthday. Here's some of the fun:

Then when Thing 2 comes up to bat, I see in some moment he changed clothes. Adorable outfit, wouldn't you say???

Here's the messy yummy cake:

And the boys after the party with their loot:

The next day, we caught the goats under the pinata shell, one on each side, staring up at it, and obviously wishing it were lower so they could get at it. I ran for my camera but was too late for that shot, but got Buckley (the goat, not the fiance) jumping to try to reach it. They are silly. And I don't have a fiance, my niece Anna does, so now we got two Buckleys in the family in less than a week. What are the odds of that???

Hopefully I will catch you up on our other great adventures soon. Till then, take care, all!


Elizabeth said...

My sister does stacked ice cream sandwiches with cool whip in between and as icing in a 9 x 13 pyrex dish...refreeze for at least an hour after assembling and it is YUMMY!
Loved the goat :)

The Cranes said...

Again, sorry I wasn't paying attention and missed that there was a party invitation and not just a baptism invitation. I would have brought my boys and stayed to help!

RAQ said...

I don't think we were invited, at least I never saw an invitation of that nature...sorry if we were! Looks like you did a great job without us!:)

Darla said...

Oh, fun! HOW on EARTH do you dare to have 40 kids over for a party? I think the most I've ever had is about 12, if that. You are brave, energetic, a much more fun mom than I... :) I try to get by with fewer and fewer every year.

Bubba said...

I used to tease my son by purposely mis-pronoucing Bionicles as "barnacles"