Saturday, November 24, 2012

Why I'm not the CEO of Apple

Or, why am I not on their creative team? I love my iPod, iPod Touch as I lovingly think of it. I can pretty much do everything with it except take pictures because I was channeling someone more practical than myself when I decided to buy the cheaper, older version without a camera.

 It almost replaces a computer if it weren't for the fact that too many internet things flip to the mobile version and there's the fact that too often there are pictures I just can't see since they won't let me enlarge them. If only this device were around when I was younger and had eyes. So, yesterday my nephew Scott (aka Scar) and I were talking about the iPad mini.

Probably the problem with their trying to sell this size device is the name. I really haven't heard all the people who use iPads around me complaining that it is too big. Gee, if only this were just half it's size, I could squint a little more... No, but you will hear a lot of iPod users like me wishing their iPod was just a little bigger. So, Why call this the iPad Mini? I realize it's JUST LIKE an iPad, yet smaller, however, why not appeal directly to those who are tired of using their imagination when viewing images on the iPod? Why not call it something that reflects a pumped up, new and improved iPod? Small enough for a true purse size, more readable than the iPod, chucking the iphonienesss of the ipod, ready to leap small buildings in a single bound, It's the Maxi Pod! WHO would forget that name? I would laugh at the sheer mirth of it every morning if I had one on my nightstand, thus increasing my resistance to disease by virtue of stress busting endorphins;), and even better, I would design a dock for it that had awesome speakers on each side, which I would call the wings dock, so you could wake up to the music blaring out of you maxi pod with wings!!! OK, I'm not expecting any calls from Apple anytime soon. Still, I just feel the need to draw up a prototype. That of course will probably have to be done on my clunky old PC (the pioneer pad)
Ta Da!


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4boyzmdmom said...

Laughed 'til I cried! :) I bet my boys wouldn't get it, though! ;)

Oh, and I can totally relate to not being able to see anything on the iPod...I don't have eyes anymore either.

Andrew C. said...

Just found your blog. Keep up the great work!