Saturday, November 24, 2012

Huck the Diving Wonder

I won't press my luck, I'll just post this one video for now and see if I can add more later.
There was this restaurant in Sandy called the Mayan we went to one day.  You could eat a fun meal while watching divers jump off a "cliff" with a waterfall into a big pool below.  Papi and I both thought it would be the perfect job for Huck when he grew up!  He was barely walking when he started diving in and out of the bathtub.  That's how he scarred his brother for life when he accidentally knocked his brother Tom with his foot, sending Tom's chin on a collision course with the edge of the tub, leading to stitches.  Huck obviously wasn't scared of heights, he would jump out the second story window just for fun when he got just a bit older.  Then by the time he was in cub scouts and they went to a swimming pool, the den leader asked me where he learned to dive. What? He had been doing flips off the high dive.  Most kids wouldn't even climb up it.  I decided he really needed to get into this sport. I knew he would love it.  It was his destiny :) It took us only 4 years to figure out how, but finally this summer he got to go to a BYU diving camp and from there got invited to participate in a diving team for kids at BYU.  So, as of September he spends his afternoons diving.  He loves it.  He's pretty good at it. Of course, he needs to learn a lot, but I'm sure he will.  So, he went to his first meet in Boise.  One of my awesomely super friends helped drive us there since I"m too chicken to drive.  My brother and his wife let us stay at their really nice home with them.  It was fun!  But, as is our usual style, it wasn't uneventful.  After doing all his 3 meter dives, while practicing for the 1 meter competition, he hit his head on the diving board.  I was just walking nearby and saw him dive and knew he was too close, saw him hit his head and couldn't do anything about it except freeze and watch him hit the water and then disappear.  Sickening feeling that is, but once the water started to settle, he popped up, upset and I was so relieved! I knew he should be alright.  But as he came up, a coach was diving in after him and they braced him and called the paramedics.  He needed to be checked to make sure he hadn't damaged anything.  I just tried to assure him because I was sure this was now freaking him out.  We got a ride in an ambulance and some nice people made sure he was fine and we were released in time to get back for his things as everyone was leaving.  He got a 4th place medal in the 3 meter though, so that cheered him up.  He will be in a meet at BYU in January so if you're around, you'll have to see him in person, as my camera is old and needs to be replaced.

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4boyzmdmom said...

I don't know how I missed this back in November when you posted it (or did you start it in November and just now posted?!) but anyway that is awesome! (Not the hitting his head part.) I hope the meet in January went better!