Sunday, September 2, 2007

A typical Christmas, chez nous

27 Dec., 2004

Sleep in Heavenly Peace?

Never! But we have had a lot of fun! Kids are fun to watch at the holidays, they get so excited they're hyper. Then it's fun to watch them with their presents. How we love all the Christmas Carols, too:

"DECK THE HALLS WITH BALLS OF FLOUR!..." J. paid to have someone clean our couches the 23rd. Then he stain guarded them when he got home from work. Luckily I heard a noise the 24th right before I got in the shower and found the twins throwing flour around and they had gotten one flour handprint on a cushion already. I shudder to think what might have happened if I'd taken my shower first.



Maybe because: "YOU ARE MEAN ONES, LITTLE GRINCHES, you've got mischief in your smiles! Why do you drag the tree all over, testing it in each electric socket in the house??"... (We will not be putting on ornaments next year either unless I can grow enough hot chile peppers in my garden this year to make a big garland.)

"YOU"D BETTER WATCH OUT, YOU"D BETTER NOT CRY, (you'd better not pour juice on the tree, put eggnog in the couch, throw the big bag of popcorn the neighbors gave us all over the living room, call 911 at your friend's house because he's not sharing, dump out mommy's dresser drawers and then climb them to the scissors and try to chop off your hair, break mommy's glasses and wear her pearl necklace, all in one day especially if that day is the 20th of December,) I'm telling you why, SANTA CLAUSE IS COMING TO TOWN!"

And "POPCORN BURNING IN A MICROWAVE, chalkboard spray paint up your nose*, yule log clonks being swung by a toddler, and folks dressed up in mom's kimono"…*(I made the babies a chalkboard for Christmas, it was ugly outside so I had to do it inside and inhaled a lot. A friend said I could put a piece of chalk up my nose and draw a picture.)

"OH THE WEATHER OUTSIDE IS FRIGHTFUL (for Mom), and snow at 10 pm's so delightful (for a kid) and since we've no place to go, we'll go outside and play in the snow." Then drink hot chocolate, and go to bed late but rosy cheeked! That was fun.

Did you know that Jesus got gold, and a “'fume”(perfume) called freakin' scents and myrrh? Just ask G. for more details.

The 24th we had a HUGE dinner with way too much food, J. made a steak, potato and mushroom sauce dish, rice, a shrimp salad, ham, a tomato salad, chips and vegetables and salsa, and lemon pie and torta de hoja for dessert. We had over a class mate of J's family and C. and J. We still had tons of leftovers. The kids loved their presents. Much playing has gone on since then, and some squabbling. C. has had a hard time not breaking things for some reason but seems to be pulling out of the destructive mode. The 25th we visited Mom and Dad and had a nice dinner and we had a lot of fun with all the family that night. Yesterday we went to church and just rested. Today and tomorrow I'm working some. Here are a few more pictures of some works of art:


DISCLAIMER: No bodily fluids were used in the making of this work- D.1

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